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BCX is a proud Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment
(B-BBEE) contributor

BCX is committed to doing business in a manner that ensures long-term sustainability for the benefit of South Africa’s many cultures and communities, as well as our stakeholders. For us, sustainability is a continuous journey and requires a multidisciplinary approach.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

B-BBEE forms part of our overall transformation programme and consists of carefully planned activities and programmes which promote and enhance the constructive and meaningful participation of previously disadvantaged groups, both inside and outside the organisation.

To download the BCX B-BBEE Certificate, click here

BCX is a Level 2 contributor in terms of ICT B-BBEE Sector Code, and our strategy is based on several elements.


Equity Ownership

35.07% Black ownership and 13.85% Black women ownership, which includes the Telkom facilitator status.


Management Control

Previously disadvantaged individuals constitute 75% Black individuals of which 50% are Black women. 100% of the board and executive management team are also Black.


Employment Equity

Current overall representation of 62% of previously disadvantaged individuals.


Skills Development

At BCX, our Skills Development focus is on Management Development, ICT Technical Skills Internships, and Learnerships in the areas of data science and coding. Over the past two years, in partnership with WeThinkCode, Explore Academy, and Netcampus, we have trained more than 600 black students.

The success and relevance of a business depends on making decisions to deploy technology, solve business challenges, and leverage opportunities. Business practices and tools are developing at a rapid pace, and our customers and employees are embracing digital technology and making the shift to digitalization. This is the essence of digitalization.


Preferential Procurement

85.45% of BCX spend is with BEE-compliant entities.


Enterprise and Supplier Development

Our enterprise development strategy supports existing black-owned, black-empowered and black-engendered Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs).  BCX has several programmes and interventions that support entrepreneurs, through an Enterprise and Supplier Development Platform.

The Subcontractor Programme within BCX creates access to market opportunities through subcontracting for Small- and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). As BCX tenders for work with its own clients, 30% of the Total Contract Value of tenders is set aside for SMEs through sub-contracting.

The Innovation Programme was launched in 2015 to incubate, accelerate, and invest in enterprises that develop solutions in areas such as the Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities, and Cyber-Security.

BCX invests in The Future Fund, the funding pillar of FutureMakers, our holding company Telkom’s enterprise and supplier development programme. Launched in May 2015, and managed by IDF Capital, FutureMakers has made significant progress in supporting strategic start-ups, existing small businesses, and other entrepreneurial ventures aligned to the technology sector. BCX sees this investment as contributing directly to our objective of driving innovation in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.


Socio-Economic Development

The vision for BCX’s Socio Economic Development (SED) is to be an innovative and inspirational corporate citizen on the African continent. Our responsibility towards the communities where we operate is also a business imperative, in that it contributes to the sustainability of the organisation. Our focus is on a School Development Programme, so the bulk of BCX’s SED funding is channelled to the Telkom Foundation. The Foundation is committed to making meaningful contributions to improving the livelihoods of people in disadvantaged communities, through a range of structured programmes. Through employee voluntarism the Foundation also seeks to promote and embed a culture of giving across the organisation.

Good governance, sound risk management, stakeholder engagement, B-BBEE, and sustainability all form part of our vision to be a leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) player in Africa and beyond.


The digital maturity of your company indicates how advanced your digital implementation and operations in the digital space is. This can refer to a variety of digital platforms and solutions that exist in your workstream and systems that aid in advancing the daily operations of your business.

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Huawei has secured 25 commercial contracts, ranking number one among all ICT equipment providers, having already shipped more than 10,000 base stations to markets around the world. Almost all network customers have indicated they want Huawei, which is currently the market leader with the best equipment and will remain so for at least the next 12 to 18 months, for faster and more cost-effective upgrades to 5G.

Cyber security

Security is the highest priority and it overarches everything. Insure integrated protection of your data and networks with arrange of bespoke security solutions from Huawei and BCX.


Huawei remains very confident about its trade compliance system, which has been running since 2007. The company has confidence in the fairness and independence of the judicial systems.

Smart Cities

Huawei — having built more than 160 Smart Cities in over 100 countries and regions — is one of the few players in the industry to provide a complete set of ICT solutions with ‘cloud-pipe-device’ synergy, leading the way in the integration of physical and digital worlds.


IT Infrastructure. Huawei Telco IT focuses on the IT infrastructure, and helps carriers simplify their IT systems and improve their business agility.


Huawei digitizes the data center infrastructure to deliver agile, reliable, energy-efficient, and smart products and solutions that accelerate the ROI for your business.


With deepening enterprise cloudification and digital transformation, IP networks need to carry an increasing number of key services. This trend gives rise to many new network challenges.
These challenges can be addressed by intelligent IP network architecture and unveiled a full series of AI-powered next-generation IP network products under four engine brands: AirEngine, CloudEngine, NetEngine, and HiSecEngine. This marked the start of the intelligent IP era.

Ransomware Protection

Commvault software is more than "just a backup" product. It also helps our clients reduce risks and minimize the effects of ransomware when — not if — a cyber-attack happens.
In addition, you can secure the mount path from being accessed by external processes thereby protecting the backed-up data.

Accelerate the Move to the Cloud

Customer cloud initiatives have deadlines that sometimes seem impossible to meet. Commvault makes fast, secure cloud data migration possible, so you can help them stay on time and within budget.

Protect Office 365Data

Are your customers doing enough to make sure their Office 365 data is being properly protected? Through Commvault's comprehensive backup, flexible recovery options, and extended retention periods, you can see to it that they are.

Reduce Storage Costs

As the amount of data increases, so can storage costs. It doesn't have to be that way. Positioning Commvault Activate™ and Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform™ with you customers will deliver a one-two costs savings punch.

Protect Endpoint Data

With the increase in work-from-home environments, your customers have more to worry about than ever before. Together, through security, visibility, and self-service, we can help solve their endpoint data challenges and give them back control of their data.