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Let’s explain  

The Internet revolutionised computing by connecting computers around the globe to each other. But what if you could connect more than just computers? Imagine if every tool and machine in your factory, or every warehouse and truck in your supply chain, could communicate directly with your desktop or even your mobile phone.

The IoT extends your control of your business to the very edge. It collects data from each machine, each vehicle and each warehouse, and presents you with the facts you need to know. BCX has the people and the knowledge to make this a reality.

Leverage IoT

The Internet of Things takes the Internet beyond servers and laptops. By connecting the sensors and control interfaces of your industrial equipment to the Internet, you can have total knowledge of the state of your operations. The information collected can be automatically sorted, analysed and filtered. Notifications and alerts can be programmed and sent in real time to where they are needed most. And while this happens, all data is collected and stored in a standardised format, ensuring an unbroken audit trail and full compliance.
Operations Technology is the bridge between the factory floor and your key business decision makers. With each individual device, node, machine and location producing a constant stream of real-time data, you need a way to automate, control and manage those operational processes. BCX’s Operations Technology can process, automate and reduce the incoming data to a manageable stream. Each decision maker in your company, from executives to supervisors, gets the information they need, when it’s needed, so that they can act effectively with zero delay.


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Choose BCX as your IoT PARTNER

BCX is the chosen digital solutions partner for industries and organizations across Africa. We have the scale to provide a complete end-to-end solution. We also have experience working with a range of industries, from mining and manufacturing to retail and financial. We even work with government at local, provincial and national levels.

Our world-class Tier III and Tier IV data centres guarantee the most reliable and cost-effective solutions.

At BCX, we know how to combine our connectivity and engineering skills with our IoT knowledge to create the most robust, performant solutions that suit your business needs.