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At the heart of the

Our solutions cover a wide variety of business needs, but at the core of the BCX methodology, we believe that it is important to understand how your business ticks, and create end-to-end solutions so that our services will have the greatest possible impact on your ways of working, and ROI. Our services are available across all our country’s major industries, each with the power to reduce costs, increase profits and improve the productivity of your entire company.

Cloud Consulting

Cloud platforms and offerings for agile deployment and omni-channel presence.

Unified End User Workspace Management

Improving efficiency of the workforce by reducing downtime related to device unavailability.

Managed Infrastructure and Cloud Services

Future proof technologies and managed services across multiple operational areas.

IOT/OT Services

Providing industrial IT services from that cover the full technology spectrum.

Business Process as a Service

Implementing a Digital HR and Payroll Strategy.


A single point of contact to provide monitoring and support platform solutions.

Application Management

Managing and monitoring the application landscape to reduce downtime.

Integrated Field Services

Device Management from procurement, warehousing, staging, deployment, maintenance and cabling.

Customer First Servicing

The BCX CFX is a single point of customer contact to ensure cohesive delivery.


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BCX is your Service partner

BCX is Africa’s leading ICT provider. BCX has the expertise and the capacity to help manage your business intelligence needs. BCX is one of the most trusted brands in Africa for IT services, and we have supported enterprises in government and industry:

  • Mining
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • National Government
  • Provincial Government
  • Local Government

BCX can leverage its industry experience and world-class data centres to provide the extensive range of data warehousing and reporting offerings that you need. We understand business, and we know how to provide Business Services to help your business grow.