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What makes SECURITY
so important?

Modern businesses are highly reliant on their information technology. From communication tools like mail and instant messaging, to your financial and customer databases, to the control systems running tour factory floor, IT is fundamental to every part of your business.

This makes corporate networks a very attractive target to those malicious actors who may wish you harm. The popular image of the bored teenage hacker defacing websites for fun is unfortunately an outdated one. The real threats lie with well-organised criminal networks attempting to steal data which they can sell, activists attempting to disrupt your operations, or even rival businesses seeking an edge through corporate espionage. This is why it is no longer enough to simply protect the edges with fire-and-forget software tools. Firewalls at the entry points of your network and anti-virus software on your computers are still important, but they are not enough on their own to secure a network properly.

BCX has both the experience and expertise to secure even the largest and most complicated enterprise network. Our Security Consultants can analyse your entire IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities and will verify that your policies and procedures meet the latest industry best practices. Our Managed Security Services department will provide the tools needed to detect suspicious activity across your network, defend your computers from viruses, and intercept malicious attacks on your endpoints. And if you choose, our Security Operations Centre will handle the daily tasks of monitoring and responding to security incidents for you

Are you ready for SECURITY?

Security Consulting

> Help you to build the most secure network possible

Security Operations Centre

> Trained security staff monitoring your network 24/7

Managed Security Services

> Ensuring that you have the best tools  to protect  your network


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BCX is your SECURITY partner

BCX is Africa’s leading cloud services provider. Whether you are required to audit your existing security infrastructure, need assistance resolving an incident, or want a complete security overhaul, BCX has the expertise and the capacity to help meet your objectives. BCX is one of the most trusted brands in Africa for IT services, and we have supported enterprises in government and industry:  

  • Mining
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • National Government
  • Provincial Government
  • Local Government
BCX can leverage its industry experience and expert specialists to provide any security related offering that you might need. We understand business, and we know how to keep your IT infrastructure safe.