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The Partnership Ecosystem

Today, more than at any other time, clients have choices. The key to our success is to provide them with an engaging, intuitive client experience that not only meets their expectations, but enhances them through a clearly defined value proposition.
As South Africa’s no.1 digital partner we build best of breed technology so that our clients can focus on their customers. Together with our wide network of strategic partners we provide products and services from leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) to SME’s and large organisations.

Our partnership system of over 30 leading suppliers that provide cutting-edge hardware and software, gives us the ability to deliver unrivalled and advanced digital solutions. This enables us to better serve your unique business infrastructure and technology requirements.


BCX drives innovation with products from partners that are the world’s most trusted names in technology.


Partner Support within BCX

The role of partner support within BCX is to enable our end-users to get the very best partner products and services.


Exploring the Dell Partnership

Growing and reinventing the Dell partnership from the second largest business unit partnership within BCX to offering whole fulfilment, end-to-end.


The Cisco connection

Exploring the longstanding partnership between BCX and Cisco, allowing us to provide the very best in network security advances.


Strategic Value with Huawei

Building an emergent partnership with Huawei that remains strategic into Africa, serving a variety of key business units and adding value to our clients through cost efficiency. 

Long-term Partnerships

At BCX we focus on developing long-term relationships with our partners in order to supply sustainable solutions to our customers.

Intelligent Business with Oracle

Building the Oracle partnership through applications of the Oracle product line to serve the strategic needs of BCX customers.

Personalised HPE Solutions

Finding solutions and building solutions around the needs of our customers to achieve their business outcomes.