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What makes Connectivity so important?

No business can operate in a vacuum. People need to communicate at all levels of the organization. Departments need to connect their networks to the corporate WAN. Sales staff need to talk to customers. All these basic requirements rely on a solid connectivity infrastructure. BCX, through its own properties and its partnerships with leaders in the telecoms industry, can provide all the links you need to connect all aspects of your business to create one unified entity.

Communication starts with voice. The humble phone call has evolved into a range of converged voice services, which BCX can deliver over any digital platform. Over the past few decades, voice has been supplemented by email, chat, and other messaging platforms, and these all rely on a fast, stable Internet connection. BCX can provide the physical infrastructure most appropriate to your circumstances. For urban areas, we provide copper and metro fibre installations. For more remote locations, we have a range of wireless  options, from microwave links to multiple redundant LTE links to broadband satellite.


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Access Networks

>  Helping you build your WAN across mobile data networks.

Data Networks

> Extracting actionable knowledge from all your data streams.

Fixed Voice

> Talk to your customers with our voice solutions.


>  Get your business online.

Wireless Solutions

> What to do when there is no fixed cable infrastructure.

Next Generation Voice

> UC&C
> Value Added Services and Calling Plans.

BCX is your CONNECTIVITY partner

BCX is Africa’s leading ICT provider. Whether you are upgrading your data connections or provisioning a new field office in a remote area, BCX has the expertise and the resources to help meet your objectives. BCX is one of the most trusted brands in Africa for IT services, and we have supported enterprises in government and industry:

  • Mining
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • National Government
  • Provincial Government
  • Local Government
BCX can leverage its industry experience and expert specialists to provide any connectivity related offering that you might need. We understand business, and we know how to keep communications active.