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Let’s explain

“The Cloud” is a set of technologies that abstract computing resources and services away from the physical servers and data centres that power them. Usually this is achieved by centralising computing power in specialised locations owned by public cloud providers and renting access to those resources as they are needed. But not every business has the luxury of trusting another company with their internal systems.

If your enterprise wants to leverage cloud computing but must keep data and processes in-house for compliance or security reasons, then you need a private cloud. Private cloud means you run the same virtualisation technology used by public cloud providers, in your own data centre. You take the responsibility of procuring and maintaining hardware, in exchange for the security of knowing that your sensitive data never has to leave your control.


Despite all the benefits of cloud, there are valid reasons why you might not want to use a public cloud provider. Depending on your industry, you may be affected by:

  • Compliance regulations in your industry prohibiting entrusting third parties with sensitive data
  • Company policies against 3rd party data entrustment
  • The need for easier integration of cloud services with internal infrastructure
  • The need for flexibility or features not offered by public cloud providers

By investing in the infrastructure needed to host your own private cloud, you gain full control over all levels of your cloud infrastructure. You will be able to address all of these concerns directly, within your own organization, while still keeping the benefits of the public cloud.


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BCX has provided private cloud and virtualised environments for enterprises across all major industries. With our global reach and our partnerships with cloud and virtualization technology providers, we are ideally positioned to help you plan and implement your private cloud deployment. 

Our cloud team are waiting to analyse your needs and develop a plan to deploy the ideal private cloud for your business and integrate it seamlessly with your existing systems.