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Let’s explain

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is the next level of cloud computing. IaaS is a well understood technology which frees you from the expense and complexity of procuring and maintaining physical hardware. But what if you want to take it to the next level? PaaS abstracts away not only server hardware, but operating systems and software packages as well. Whether you want office productivity tools, a payroll package, or a development environment, PaaS provides the functionality without the time-consuming complexity of installation, patching, and configuration. It just works immediately, out of the box, wherever you need to do your work.


Modern IT departments typically spend a great deal of time wrangling operating systems and software. New employees must often wait for days, sometimes even weeks, while their new workstation is loaded with the software tools they need to do their jobs. Servers and Workstations are often vulnerable to attack because it takes a long time to validate that critical security patches won’t break something and stop staff from working. Managing software licenses is often a full-time job, ensuring that licenses are available when software is needed, and removed when it is not. And when it comes time to replace hardware, the whole process needs to be repeated. But by changing your paradigm from “Installed Software” to “Platforms”, these problems are all abstracted away to your cloud provider’s dedicated team of specialists. Your staff are guaranteed access to the tools they need, and your IT department can focus on their core responsibilities.

Some use cases:
  • PaaS productivity tools like Microsoft’s Office 365 are completely web based. Whether you’re using your own workstation, your mobile device, or a public computer in a business centre, you can access the exact same software and all your files through the browser, as if they were installed locally. All you need is internet access and a modern web browser.
  • Developers invest a lot of time into setting up their tool chain. Aside from installing the approved IDE and all desired plugins, a dev team needs to maintain source control, test and build environments. Switching to a DevOps only adds to the number of moving parts which need to be correctly configured and maintained. But PaaS development environments simplify all of that to a single interface: The developer only needs to write code, and the toolset will ensure that it is version controlled, fetch required dependencies, launch cloud infrastructure environments, and deploy the application.


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BCX has established strong relationships with major PaaS providers like Microsoft, Amazon and IBM. We have extensive experience supporting the operational IT needs of enterprises across industries as diverse as finance, mining, manufacturing and government. We understand the requirements of large businesses, but we also know that every organization is different. We know how to find your optimal PaaS solution, and will provide a frictionless, successful deployment.

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