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Let’s explain Infrastructure as a Service

One of the core features of the cloud is the abstraction of technology into services. Business Connexion’s Infrastructure as A Service (IaaS) offering distils this down to the hardware level. Many businesses need direct control of their own servers, but don’t want the administrative overhead of supporting hardware. IaaS removes the burden of sourcing and maintaining physical servers. It guarantees exceptional uptime and it’s highly flexible, allowing you to upscale and downscale at a moment’s notice, in response to your changing workloads.

Leverage Infrastructure as a Service

As a business owner you want to maintain control of your own servers. But to do so in-house requires a significant investment in time and maintenance. Data centres need a reliable conditioned power source. Physical hardware and network infrastructure needs a tested Disaster Recovery plan in place. If any hardware begins to fail, it must be switched seamlessly and transparently to a redundant backup without costly downtime. Network infrastructure needs to be protected from malicious attacks, and storage needs to be backed up and monitored. And when your business outgrows the system, you need a smooth and efficient upgrade path.

By using Business Connexion’s IaaS offerings, your developers and IT staff can focus on maintaining their own software and operating systems, while we ensure that all of the above are taken care of, silently and reliably.


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Choose BCX as your Infrastructure as a Service PARTNER

Business Connexion has developed its own in-house cloud infrastructure and can build a solution to match your business requirements. We have also partnered with other industry players like Amazon and Microsoft. Our cloud team will consult with you to develop an implementation that most closely suits your needs. BCX has already assisted enterprises in a wide range of industries to migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud. With our expertise, we can help you optimise an agile and efficient cloud infrastructure.