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Disruption can be POSITIVE

At BCX, we know all about the challenges our partners in the Retail sector are facing – but we really prefer to think of them as opportunities. There’s no need to be overwhelmed by terms like wearables, the Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine, or omnichannel.

Put simply, the most successful global Retailers have created a unified brand experience by embracing the trends towards mobility and online shopping and using the influence of social media. They have upgraded their brick-and-mortar stores and created unique and compelling in-store experiences that integrate digital capabilities while still offering value-for-money. Then, using tools like Analytics, they’ve followed their smart customer to their mobile and online shopping experiences, whether doing research, comparisons, buying or reviewing. Their next step has been to take this knowledge to the backroom, by upskilling the workforce and evolving supply chains which respond to what customers are demanding, whenever, wherever.

We are

At BCX, we already partner with 70 percent of the Retail businesses in South Africa. We enable 176 million transactions each month, and support over 15 000 transactional devices. We like to say that our team comprises Retail experts who work in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector – rather than ICT experts working with Retail customers. We have the largest coverage of in-store support in the country, which means that we understand your retail value chain completely.


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What BCX can do for your RETAIL ENTERPRISE

At BCX, we supply end-to-end Information Technology (IT) services to Retailers across the spectrum – from fashion outlets to fuel stations, from supermarkets to stationery shops, and everything in between. Our specialists can design systems from the ground up to create fully integrated, customised processes that suit your business, or we can integrate our international partners’ industry-specific systems, to give you a seamless view of inventory, sales, and customer information.

We work with you to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation and migrate you to XPaas (Anything as a Service) – be it Infrastructure-, Platform- or Software-as-a-Service – across your enterprise, to drastically reduce costs and increase your operational agility. We can recommend best-in-class security systems to protect you from cyber attacks.

We take things further than just the shop floor. Customers are insisting on quicker delivery, so to compete, you must build a supply chain that responds to their demands. We’ll work with you to create an optimised, agile, cost-efficient system that can take you into the future.


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