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At BCX, we know that our partners in all areas of the Financial Services sector need simple, secure, and cost-effective Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions. You must have infallible failsafe processes that ensure you are online, locally and globally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  At the same time, you need to give your digitallyenabled 21st-century customers what they want: awide range of services that are more than just banking and credit, and the flexibility to transact as fast as possible, anywhere, anytime. 

Your road to Digital Transformation calls for a partner like BCX. We can work with you to seamlessly integrate your legacy systems, using customised platforms and processes that will futureproof your business and give your customers exactly what they are demanding. 

We know your CHALLENGES

We know all about the challenges our partners in the Financial Services sector face – but we prefer to think of them as opportunities. There are virtual Fintech players, telecommunications companies, and even mega-corporations like Google and Facebook, offering low-cost    always-on banking that’s available anywhere, and on multiple devices. They’re using technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and blockchain to put pressure on your profitability and returns. These disruptors not only compete for your customers, they leverage data to get to know their customers intimately. In this era of the connected customer, you need to be able to compete with industry disruptors, and BCX has the expertise to advise you on the best way to achieve this. 


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Our response to this disruption is to help you create fully integrated, innovative, customised systems and processes that reduce costs and improve productivity. We’ll work with you to modernise, automate, and transform your organisation. For example, customers want to use all your touchpoints interchangeably – branches, automatic teller machines (ATMs), call centres, and mobile and desktop online applications. At BCX, we have experts who can guide Financial Sector players to address these challenges and encourage the shift into a new way of doing business. When your workforce to embraces the platform economy, they improve their digital mindset, and your efficiency and profits increase

BCX has largest network in the country, comprising 147 000 kilometres of fibre, and over 2 700 mobile sites, we can assure your connectivity across the whole of South Africa. We offer flexible options for connectivity, from pay-as-you-go broadband to multi-tenancy solutions, to keep costs down. Today, many of our Financial Services clients are embracing our Unified Communications and Collaborations (UC&C) systems such as messaging, telephony, and conferencing so that they can combine real-time and offline communications across multiple customer and workforce platforms. They’ve reported that implementing UC&C has improved collaboration and decision-making and increased both customer and employee satisfaction. The next step is to implement a customised SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) solution that will take your networking to the next level, no matter how many people need to connect, or how far away they are.


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