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Our digital
expert solutions

Our team of digital solutioning specialists strive to bring value to your customers by providing you with the most advanced system solutions, tailored to match the operations of your company and the needs of your customers.

Digital Advisory & Consulting

Developing digital strategies
and frameworks for sustainable operations into the future.

Software Engineering & Integration

Building modular and integrated systems from the ground up, while connecting with legacy systems.

Digital Automation & Development

Intelligent design through strong system diagnostics, governance, development and maintenance.

Data Insights & Intelligence

Connecting multiple data streams for superior reporting and informed decision making.

Digital Resourcing

Harnessing the skills and experience of industry specialists to develop innovative solutions.

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Whether you’re just doing research or enquiring about a consultation,
leave a call-me-back and the BCX Exa Digital Transformation team will get in touch.


Evolving our solutions
as we build them.

Our team of specialists and engineers work in an agile environment, recognising opportunities to tweak and improve as we develop and test them. We believe that systems should be a living part of the working environment and they should be scalable enough to change as your ways of working change. Understanding the journey from end-to-end and including the contribution of every sale, process and fulfilment step within your system is what guides our solutioning process.