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Improving your
Customer Experience

We increase the capacity of your software development team by augmenting it to satisfy a skills gap or meet a project completion requirement. We enhance teams with business analysis, project management, software development, devsecops engineers and software testing skills.

The benefits to your business are:

1. Accelerated time to market
2. Increased flexibility and scalability
3. Lower operational costs
4. Enhanced workforce capabilities

Bringing it all together

We start off by understanding the needs of your business and which skills are most applicable to address the needs. Thereafter we enter into a contract where the required skill is provided for the needed amount of time

We enable your business to:

1. Solve capacity shortage challenges to deliver business requirements within the required timelines.
2. Elevate the IT department to be seen as an enabler to business due to fast and reliable delivery.

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Join the 4th Industrial Revolution

Explore a variety of BCX Exa’s digital ideation and solutioning services

Digital Advisory & Consulting

Developing digital strategies
and frameworks for sustainable operations into the future.

Software Engineering & Integration

Building modular and integrated systems from the ground up, while connecting with legacy systems.

Digital Automation & Development

Intelligent design through strong system diagnostics, governance, development and maintenance.

Data Insights & Intelligence

Connecting multiple data streams for superior reporting and informed decision making.

Digital Resourcing

Harnessing the skills and experience of industry specialists to develop innovative solutions.