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Digital Innovation

The BCX Exa Digital Transformation team offers a true end-to-end digital consulting solution with advisory services that include consultation, diagnostics, roadmap development and a full-service analysis of your current digital architecture. By considering these aspects we will show you where your company can transform. We help our clients to discover the improvements that technology can bring to business models, processes and their customer’s experience.
Consultative approach

We provide thought leadership and strategy for innovative digital solutions which will enable our clients to re-invent their customers’ experience and optimise their operations. By following a consultative approach, we help to craft the digital strategy, which forms the bridge between Business and IT strategy. In this approach we also do not focus on the technology first, but get a deeper understanding of the problem areas, to ensure that the solutions which are proposed have a better fit to the digital ambition that the organisation is aiming to achieve.

Innovation Workshops

Our experienced team provide ideation workshops in which we co-create new solutions based on the unique needs of your business. By focusing on the needs and challenges of your customers, and ideating solutions, we can help your business build concepts for product and service delivery to futureproof your operations.

Readiness Assessments

By identifying gaps and requirements in your existing way of work, we apply a scientific methodology to establish a solid way forward, building around your existing capabilities and crafting the journey to your future state.


Digital Transformation Consulting

Identifying the best way forward to transform legacy systems.
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Customer Service Design

Applying user experience insights for intuitive customer systems.
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Join the 4th Industrial Revolution

Explore a variety of BCX Exa’s digital ideation and solutioning services

Digital Advisory & Consulting

Developing digital strategies
and frameworks for sustainable operations into the future.

Software Engineering & Integration

Building modular and integrated systems from the ground up, while connecting with legacy systems.

Digital Automation & Development

Intelligent design through strong system diagnostics, governance, development and maintenance.

Data Insights & Intelligence

Connecting multiple data streams for superior reporting and informed decision making.

Digital Resourcing

Harnessing the skills and experience of industry specialists to develop innovative solutions.